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LED Module sign - supplied by LEDZ

LED Modules Signs

This Dischem's sign had our 3528 LED's in since 2010. The LED's were still going strong, they decided to re-new the sign in December 2016 and they replaced the LED's with our Samsung 2835 High-Power Modules with a 5 Year Warranty. Click on Pic to view more projects.

LED Strip Light Installations

Over 4km of Heavy Duty 3528-96LED/Meter Strip Lights used in Dischem Stores throughout SA. working up to 12 Hours a day.

LED Fish Tank Lights

An example of a 1.2 Meter Fish Tank fitted with specially designed Super Bright 2835-Ip68 Waterproof Strip Lights. Items required: 1M x Blue 2835 Ip68 and 1M x Cool White 2835 Ip68, 1 x 36 watt Transformer and 1 x Female Connector.

LED's Strip Lights in pool

LED Pool Light Installations

Specially designed 3528-Ip68 Waterproof LED Blue Pool Strip Lights - Sold in 5 Meter Lengths. Very Safe -12Volt (Low Voltage) and only uses 24Watts, Very Low Electricity consumption. Easy to instal, simply stick it onto the Pool sides, under the copings and above the water level. Fit the Silicone Mounting Clips (supplied) at +/-1M intervals. Items required: 1 x 5M 3528-Ip68 Blue Strip Light, 1 x 30watt Ip67 Transformer.

LED RGB Strip Lights

RGB Strip Lights can be used for Decorative and Lighting purposes. On/off Remote Controlled for dimming and colour changing options between White, Red, Green and Blue. Easy to instal, low power consumption with a long life expectancy. Items needed 1 x 5M RGB 5050 30LED/m Ip22 Strip Light, 1 x 84 Watt Transformer, 1 x RGB-RF Dial Controller, 1 x Female Connector.

LED Mini-Neon Flex

12Volt Mini-LED Neon Flex is used to Decorate Entertainment Areas and in the manufacture of Neon Names and Signs. Cuttable every 50mm, the Mini- Neon Flex can easily be used to form shapes and letters. An Alu. Channel is fitted to the backing surface and the Neon Flex is simply pushed into the channel. Cheaper, Easier to Transport and Instal, uses far less Electricity and lasts much Longer than the Glass Neon-Gas Option. Items needed: 5M x Mini-Neon Flex (choice of colour), 5M x Aluminium Channel, 1 x 84 Watt Transformer, 1 x 12V Power Cord, 1x Pin, 1 x Heat Shrink, 1 x Female Connector. Optional extras: Double-End Connectors, Pins and Heat Shrink.